Updated: Apr 18, 2019

An evening with Kettleboobs and coach, Hannah Wilsons, to celebrate international women day

Did you know the wonderful brand Lululemon hold events from theirs stores all over the UK and they love support and collaborate with small brands. For International women's day the Guilford branch team up with brilliant Kettle boobs and fitness coach Hannah Wilson.

”Strong Women, may we be them, may we know them and may we raise them.”


The lovely Jolene from Kettle boobs came along and showcased and supplied some Kettle boobs for the work out session taken by Hannah. If you haven't already heard about Kettleboobs or stumbled across their Instagram page then check them out! Cleverly designed Kettle boobs with some fantastic tongue and cheeks art work featured on them.

Instagram @kettleboobs

Once Hannah had put the ladies through their paces, which everyone throughly enjoyed, they had a chance to mingle and look at Amy's stand of fitness illustrated cards and tote bags. IG @amylouartuk


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